About BharathiShankaraPeetham

Hindu Dharma is one among the few ancient dharmas of the Universe. Hindu religion is one among those religions believing into the good of the Universe. In order to make the public get a deeper awareness about the greatness of Hindu Dharma, BrahmasriAnnavarapuTirupathi Murthy garu has founded Bharathi Shankar Peetham for safeguarding tradition and culture of Hindu Dharma. We consider it our duty and luck to safeguard Hindu Dharma, traditions and culture and in turn work for the enhancement of Hindu. Dharma when saved will save us in return is what we believe in and thus have decided to spread Dharma in all directions. BharathiShankaraPeetham has taken up the task to teach essence of life and Dharma and in turn safeguard the Vedas giving us a knowledge about the hidden secrets of life.

Towards a longer and sound existence of Vedas, we would be conducting Veda Sabhas with expert Vedic scholars and thus spread the greatness and importance of Vedas. We would also work towards running a Vedic school (Veda Pathasala). Along with this, we would also run a Holy Cow shelter and wish to construct MahaTripurasundariSamethaMahalingaMrityunjaya (Lord Shiva) Temple. Food donation is the greatest among all the donations. Thus we would carry out an uninterrupted daily food donation and perform rituals and homas for the good of the Universe under the supervision of BrahmasriAnnavarapuTirupati Murthy.

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