1.Ganapathi Homam:

Ganapathi or Lord Vinayaka is known as Vighna Nayaka meaning the ruler of obstacles. He’s offered prayers to get rid of any obstacles in whatever work we start or do. Ganapathi Homam is the ritual performed to Lord Vinayaka in order to get rid of any obstacles we face in our life and eliminate all the negative energies we come across in our life. Performing this ritual results in victory, success and best results in every deed from our life and will be blessed with good health, wealth and prosperity in life. In general, Ganapatrhi Homam is done before the start of any celebration, ceremony and start of big works. Ashta dravya / Eight varieties, Darbha grass are the key ingredients used to perform this ritual.


2.Rudra Homam:

Rudra is another name given to Lord shiva in Hindu Mythology. Performing a ritual in the worship of Lord Shiva or Rudra is Rudra Homam. This Homa is performed to please Lord Shiva and get rid of death dangers and rejuvenate the stamina from long fighting health disorders, ailments and disorders. Rudra Homam results in positive health and a long life. Rudra Homam is carried on to get a victory over Mrityu or the death. The ritual is performed on the auspicious dates decided based on the person’s birth star or janma nakshatra. Rudra homam is considered as a very powerful one among all the rituals performed.


3.Chandi Homam:

As per the Hindu mythology Goddess Chandi is the most fierceful and powerful Goddess. Ritual of Goddess Chandi or the Chandi Homam is performed in order to be protected from all the troubles and sufferings in life and be blessed with great happiness, joy and prosperity in life. In simple Chandi Homam is for eliminating obstacles to grow in life. Ritual for Goddess Chandi gets rid of all the negative energies from one’s life. During the Chandi Homam all the nine grahas or planets are invoked. This ritual is performed on Fridays and on either Ashtami or Navami. As based on the 13 chapters of Saptashati, 13 unique ingredients are used in performing Chandi Homam.


4.Garuda Homam:

Garuda is the bird carrier or the vehicle of Lord Vishnu with the face of and eagle and a human body. He stands a symbol of knowledge, immense power and strength. Ritual performed in the worship of Garuda, also known as Garudar or the Garuda Bhagwan is termed as Garuda Homam. This ritual performed in the proper way with proper traditions results in magnetic powers, influencing powers, removal of poisons, control over the enemies, get saved from any forms of danger, cure from all forms of physical and mental ailments. Also the person performing this Garuda homam will be blessed with great knowledge and excellent memory power.


5.Sudarshana Homam:

Sudarshana is the most powerful weapon, which belongs to Lord Vishnu. As per Hindu mythology, this weapon has the most tremendous and Divine Power that can perish all the evil powers. Sudarshana Homam is the ritual performed in the worship of Sudarshana to get rid of any evil powers that are spreading negative energies in a person’s life or the family. Sudarshana Homam protects from the evil sight of bad powers and is mostly practiced during the occasion of house warming and the other auspicious ceremonies. During this ritual sacred Sudarshana Manthra is chanted while the unique Ashta Dravyas are offered. Auspicious time and dates to perform Sudarshana Homam are derived based up on the birth star / Janma Nakshatra of the person performing it.


7.Manyusuktha Pasupatham:

Manyu means temper, anger or passion in Vedic Sanskrit as per Hindu Mythology. Ritual performed to worship God Manyu for blessings is termed as Manyusuktha Pasupatham. Main motto behind performing this ritual is to get protected from the enemies which in Sanskrit can be said as Sathru Samhara meaning eliminating the enemies. Results that are expected from performing this ritual are mainly are to get solution from the long running and disturbing issues such as court cases now a days and others. Better results can be expected by performing Manyusuktha Pasupatham on the Saturdays.


6.Lakshmi Kubera Pasupatam:

Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera are worshipped as the Gods of wealth as per the Hindu Mythology. Thus the people undergoing financial problems and stress are advised to perform Lakshmi Kubera homam where the ritual is performed in the worship of both Goddess Lakshmi and Kubeara in order to acquire a string financial status and prosperity in life. Friday is termed to as the day of Goddess Lakshmi and thus this ritual is performed on the Friday or at times on other auspicious days based on one’s birth star. They use lotus flowers as the main ingredients to perform this Lakshmi Kubera homam or ritual.


8.Mrityunjaya Pasupatam:

Mrityu means the death and Jaya means a victory as per the Vedic Sanskrit. As the name says, Mrityunjaya Pasupatam is the ritual performed to gain a victory over the death which means to get out from life endangering problems and health issues. Mrityunjaya Pasupatam ritual is performed in the worship of Lord Shiva who is said as “Bhutha Nadha”, who controls and perishes the evil. A person will have to chant 21 mantras during this ritual. The prominent ingredients used in this ritual are Darbha grass and the herb Amritha. Most people perform this ritual on their birth days longing for an extended and undisturbed lifetime.


9.Navadurga Pasupatam:

Goddess Durga is worshipped as Nava Durga in nine forms of her by the Hindu devotees, namely as Jatavedo durga, Santhi Durga, Shoolini Durga, Shabari Durga, Lavana Durga, Asuri Durga, Deepa Durga, Vana Durga and Jwala Durga. The ritual performed in the worship of the nine powerful forms of Goddess Durga is termed as Navadurga Pasupatham. Well performed homa brings in ultimate protection from all evil forces, great peace in life, health, wealth, prosperity, fertility, education, prosperity. Navadurga Pasupatham ritual performed in the worship of the nine forms of Goddess helps one to destroy negative energies, destructive thoughts and desires.


10.Kalabhairava Homam:

The God symbolic for time in Hindu mythology is Kalabhairava and is considered as a form of Lord Shiva by the Hindu devotees. Kalabhairava is considered as the guard for all the Shiva pilgrimages and the temples of Lord shiva. In this Kalabhairava Homam or ritual Kalabhairav is worshipped for acquiring good time management skills, to get rid of all the bad Karmas from our life and to enrich the financial status. The main ingredient used in the ritual / Homam of Kalabhairava is Medu Wada.


11.Ayushya Homam:

Ayush means the age or life span. Ayushya Homam is the ritual performed to increase the age or life span of a person by getting rid of any ill conditions or other endangering problems in life. Ayushya Homam performed for the growth of life span can be performed by a person in any age as there wouldn’t be age restrictions as such for performing this ritual. To perform the ritual, muhurat or the auspicious time of start will be decided based on his / her janma Nakshatra / birth star. The Goddess of Ayu / life is worshipped in this ritual. Main ingredient used in this ritual is the steamed rice. Ayushya Homam / Ritual is recommended once a year for a good healthy life and long life.

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